Friday, May 23, 2014

PLATA (COLEMAN) THREE-JUDGE Federal COURT: (CDCR) Defendants' May 2014 update

DEFENDANTS’ MAY 2014 STATUS REPORT  IN RESPONSE TO FEBRUARY 10, 2014 PLATA ORDER,  is submitted by CDCR's General Counsel and summarized below.
The State submits Monthly status reports on the current in-state and out-of-state adult prison populations and the measures being taken to reduce the prison population in response to the Court’s February 10, 2014 Order Request for Extension of December 31, 2013 Deadline. 
Steps CDCR (Defendants) are taking to implement the measures designed to reduce the prison population detailed in the February 10, 2014 order and the status of these measures.
1. Contracting for additional in-state capacity in county jails, community correctional
facilities, and private prison(s).
2. Re-entry Hubs:  The State has activated ten (10) prison-based reentry hubs at Avenal State Prison, California Institution for Men, California Men's Colony, Correctional Training Facility, ChuckawallaValley State Prison, Ironwood State Prison, Substance Abuse Treatment Facility at Corcoran, California Institution for Women, Central California Women's Facility, and Folsom Women’s Facility.
3. Newly-enacted legislation: SB260 (Youth Offender hearing) and P36 (Three strikes, re-sentencing for certain qualifying third-strike inmates whose third strike was not serious or violent)
 4. Prospective credit-earning increase for non-violent, non-sex second-strike offenders and minimum custody inmates.
5.  New parole determination process whereby non-violent second-strikers will be eligible
for parole consideration by BPH once having served 50% of their sentence.
6.  Parole determination process for certain inmates with indeterminate sentences granted parole with future parole dates. BPH authorizes the release of inmates who are granted parole with future dates and continues to identify additional potentially eligible inmates who have already been found suitable for parole by BPH.
7.  Parole process for medically incapacitated inmates. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), in partnership with the federal Plata Receiver, is responsible for health care services to all inmate patients. GOOD NEWS: The Receiver’s Office is beginning to review inmates and has agreed to send completed recommendations to CDCR beginning this month
8.  Parole process for inmates 60 years of age or older having served at least 25 years.
9.  Re-entry program Governor's May revision of the Fiscal Year 2014/2015 budget increased the proposed funding for the expansion of reentry programs from $40 million to $49 million - Budget not passed yet.
10. Expanded alternative custody program for females: The State expects to bring an 82 bed facility in San Diego on line in the summer of 2014.