Tuesday, June 30, 2020

COVID19 Prison update & Statistics - San Quentin a HOTSPOT

This is a Courtesy update of the COVID19 statistics as of 6/30/3030 in California Prisons from Vanessa at LSA (Lifer Support Alliance).
 As the numbers continue to rise San Quentin State Prison (SQ) today claimed the dubious distinction of having the most CoVid positive inmates, not only overall, but at one time.  The total positive individuals within the California system today numbers 2,585.
We received the LATEST update from CDCR and More information on CDCR’s efforts and the expedited release overview can be found on
CDCR is taking further action to fight the outbreak of COVID-19 at San Quentin State Prison. These actions include establishing a unified command center at the prison to coordinate custody and medical response to COVID-19 cases. The team is composed of medical, custody, emergency management and infectious disease experts from CDCR, California Correctional Health Care Services, the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, Emergency Medical Services Authority, California Department of Public Health, and Division of Occupational Safety and Health. This expands upon San Quentin’s local Incident Command Post, which has been activated since June 11 to coordinate custody and medical response to the increase in cases at the institution.
Additionally, the prison is currently installing six tents that will be used as alternative care stations to treat COVID-19 inmate patients on the grounds, and open up space in certain areas of the prison to allow for increased physical distancing, quarantine, and isolation. More information will be provided once the tents are fully installed. Also, under Secretary Diaz’s authority, CDCR will be expediting the release to parole or probation supervision of qualifying inmates with 180 days or less left on their sentence. These inmates will undergo a risk assessment, a medical screening and have a parole plan in place. Eligible inmates with high-risk medical conditions will be also considered for the expedited release.

By CA prison acronym: SQ 1,106; CIM 509; CVSP 291; CCC 214; COR 125; CCI 109; CRC 99; ASP 41; ISP 31; WSP 24; CEN 12; CIW 6; NKSP 5; HDSP 4 (apologies for omitting HD yesterday, there has been no change in the number since yesterday); SAC 3; SVSP 3; and single cases at CAL, SOL, and in a new entry, RJD.
PBSP (Pelican Bay State Prison) showed up with a single case early yesterday and then disappeared, only to do the same today, that is reportedly a false positive that seems to be stuck in the system.
As bad as the virus has been in various locations, in something of a rotating circle, clearly SQ has been the most spectacularly impacted.  Since the beginning of the outbreak at SQ has tallied a total of 1,113 positive cases, and with a population (as of May 30) of 3,626—nearly a third of those at SQ have tested positive.  And most of those cases are currently positive.
CVSP was also hard-hit with a total of 1,012 positive cases and 2 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, which accounts for 45% of their population 2,261, but those cases were more spread out over a few weeks of time.  CIM, the first of the big outbreaks, has racked up 896 total positive cases, and the highest death rate, 16 fatalities at CIM alone, but again, those positive cases grew at a slower rate than at SQ and amounted to 30% of that prison’s population.
ASP also had a moment in the top spot, and totaled 938 over time, as well as 9 deaths, accounting for 23% of their population.  CIW, clearly on the downslope, had 11% of the population, or 164 cases, 1 death reported. 
CCC and COR, both looking to be on the rise, are currently at 5% and 4% of the population respectively.  Overall, close to 5,000 California prisoners, 4,939, have tested positive since the first case at LAC, what seems a lifetime ago.

A great THANK YOU to Vanessa who is assitng to pass "accurate information " and not rumors from CDCR sources (and website)  to the outside community.