Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Life Support Alliance (LSA) returning to Prison to give their impactful Lifer Workshop: Get your Loved ones involved.


Now that CoVid is subsiding and more institutions are allowing Program providers in to bring presentations; Life SupportAlliance (LSA) is getting invitations to bring their impactful workshops to more and more prisons (in-person).


Some of the workshops include: Unraveling a Parole Hearing,

Connecting the Dots, the Amends Project (e.g. how to write apology letters), among others.


LSA travels to the prisons to give their workshops to all Long Term Inmates (i.e. Lifers, Youth Offender, Elderly hearings, DSL, ISL) that are going to a Parole Suitability Hearing, in the future. The workshop will help them get prepared for the Parole Hearing.


LSA staff will go where they have the most interested people.


Specifically LSA will prioritize the institutions who register the most memberships!


If you are a Loved Ones in the free community then sign up to be a Free member of the Life Support Alliance (LSA). You will get the Free Newsletter (Lifer*Line) each month in your email inbox. The other way is to text the word “JOIN” to their automated system at 916-702-7344; which will return a link. Use the link to fill out the membership registration, right from the phone. The membership “count” will indicate which Prisons should get the in-person workshop first.


You can also go to LSA’s website at www.lifesupportalliance.Org. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the “JOIN” button to get the same form to fill out. Fill out the form with the inmates’ name and the prison location.


LSA can be contacted via their email address  and



PO BOX 277

Rancho Cordova, CA 95711


Thank You to LSA for all of what they do to assist the inmate population get home.