Friday, October 6, 2023

Senate Bill 81 on the Governor's desk as of september 21, 2023: he has until October 18 to sign or veto it


Governor Newsom has not signed SB81 as of October 6, 2023. He has 12 days to act on the bill, so the deadline for him to sign or veto it is October 18, 2023.

If he does not act on the bill by the deadline, it will become law without his signature.

Governor Newsom has not yet indicated whether he will sign or veto SB81.


Governor Newsom has 12 days to sign, veto, or allow a bill to become law without his signature. This 12-day period begins on the day the bill is presented to the Governor. If the 12th day is a Sunday or a holiday, the Governor has until the next working day to act.

However, there is an exception to this 12-day rule for bills that are passed in the last 30 days of the legislative session. For these bills, the Governor has 30 days to act. If the Governor does not sign or veto a bill within the allotted time, the bill becomes law without his signature.

It is important to note that the Governor can issue a pocket veto on bills that are presented to him during the last 10 days of the legislative session. A pocket veto is a type of veto that the Governor can use to kill a bill without actually vetoing it. To pocket veto a bill, the Governor simply does not sign it within the 10-day period. If the Governor pocket vetoes a bill, it does not become law.

Since 1979, there has not been a successful veto override in the California Legislature.



On September 21, 2023 in the Senate: Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 4 p.m. 

On September 14, 2023 in the Senate: Assembly amendments concurred in. (Ayes 29. Noes 9.) Ordered to engrossing and enrolling. 

On September 13, 2023 in the Senate: In Senate. Concurrence in Assembly amendments pending. 

On September 13, 2023 in the Assembly: Read third time. Passed. Ordered to the Senate. 

On September 7, 2023 in the Assembly: Ordered to third reading. Read third time and amended. Assembly Rule 69 suspended.