Thursday, December 30, 2021

WINNER of the 2021 Scholarship from the Law Office of Diane T. Letarte hails out of CTF: The Winner gets a PRO BONO 2022 Parole Hearing representation

In the last several months, our law office was running a Parole Hearing Scholarship Essay competition for any inmate to win a Pro Bono Parole Hearing Representation by Attorney Diane T Letarte. This was available throughout the 35 California State Prisons, as posted in the Prison Newsletters that endorsed our Scholarship. The two Newsletters were:  ECC and POSSE as described below.

Attorney Diane T. Letarte spent several days reading all the Essays that were turned in and grading them on a 1 to 10 scale: 10 being the Best Essay. The grades ranged from 3.5 to 9.0 out of a 10 point grading system. The essays reflected different level of self-introspection in the responses by the inmates. We do not have authorization yet to post the NAME of the Winner (at the writing of this BLOG) but we provide the following results based on Prison Location, admission date, and their current age.


1st Place Winner receives a Pro Bono representation by Attorney Letarte at his 2022 Parole Hearing. 

2nd and 3rd place winners will receive the revised TIPS document (authored by Attorney Letarte, consisting of over 40 pages) to assist with their own preparation at their next parole hearing. In addition, they will get our Law Office complimentary 2022 Wall Calendar to keep track of all their important dates.


        He was admitted in October 1994 and is currently 48 years old.
        His Parole Eligible Date was 2/2011; Has been in the Board cycle since 2009

2nd Place (1st runner-up) from  California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF-COR)

       He was admitted in June 1997 and is currently 51 years old.

       His Parole Eligible Date was 4/2004; Has been in the Board cycle since 2004


3rd Place (2nd runner-up) from Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP)

       He was admitted in March 2009 and is currently 43 years old.

       His Parole Eligible Date was 10/2021; Has his Initial Board Hearing in  2022


Any Long-Term Offenders had a chance to enter the 2021 Parole Hearing Scholarship by writing before the 12/17/2021 envelope post-date deadline to: 

 Law office of Diane Letarte  
Attn: Scholarship 
1080 Park Blvd., Suite 1008 
San Diego, CA 92101 

 We may entertain doing a 2022 Scholarship next year depending on the availability of the Attorney. 

Please keep your eyes open for the next Scholarship listed (on this BLOG) and in the ECC or POSSE newsletters. The newsletters are usually found at the Prison library for Free or via a subscription to either newsletter listed below. You can write to subscribe to them.

            ECC                                           POSSE
            P.O. Box 5010                            P.O. Box 900188
            Irvine, CA  92619                       Palmdale, CA  93590




The OLD 2021 CRITERIA for the Scholarship Application WAS as stated below. One can anticipate similar criteria for any potential future 2022 Parole Hearing Scholarship.

     1) No CDC-115 (RVRs, since 2018) 

     2) Parole Hearing scheduled date must fall between 3/15/2022 and 5/15/2022 

     3) Psychological Evaluation (aka CRA) risk rating is either a Low or a Moderate 

     4) You are NOT currently represented by a private attorney or a Law School Program 

    5) Deadline to return scholarship application, postmarked on or before 12/17/21 new