Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SB224 Expanded Elderly Parole HEARING around the corner: SB224 (50yrs old and Down 15 years or more)

Sen. Carol Liu (Democrat), author of SB 224, (Elderly Parole Hearing) bill enacted last year, recently introduced a follow-up to BPH's (Oct 2014 Elderly Program), called Senate Bill 224 (SB224). The Bill has not passed as to the writing of this BLOG, it was In SENATE Committee on APPROPRIATIONS  on April 20, 2015.

Requires the Board of Parole Hearings  (BPH) to conduct a ELDERLY PAROLE HEARING for offenders sentence to State prison who have reached their Golden Years of 50 years of age (or more) and have been incarcerated 15 years or more. NOTE: This is a great expansion from the older BPH regulation that was established in October 2014 to allow 60 yrs old who had over 25 years of incarceration.

Under the language of SB 224, the new bill will consider ‘hallmarks of Elderly’ (kinda). The Elderly Parole Program will require the Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) to consider whether age, time served, and diminished physical condition, if any, have reduced the prisoner's risk for future violence.  If you want to retain an Attorney with ELDERLY experience (attorney Letarte over 50 years old herself and has empathy for her clients)  please contact ATTORNEY DIANE LETARTE via her website or
email at Attorney Letarte's office


02/13/2015 INTRODUCED.
02/26/2015 To SENATE Committee on PUBLIC SAFETY.
03/19/2015 From SENATE Committee on PUBLIC SAFETY with author's amendments.
03/19/2015 In SENATE. Read 2nd time & amended. Re-referred to Committee on PUBLIC SAFETY.
04/07/2015 From SENATE Committee on PUBLIC SAFETY: Do pass to Committee on APPROPRIATIONS.
04/20/2015 In SENATE Committee on APPROPRIATIONS: To Suspense File.

Bill Text
03/19/2015 - SB 224 (Amended)
02/13/2015 - SB 224 (Introduced)

To get an update please contact:   Sen. Carol Liu  (Democrat- click for email)
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